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story. carina reports on what's styling this year. >> mary kate steinmiller is teen vogue's senior fashion market editor. today, we're talking fashion and accessories. where do we start? >> today, i'm gonna show you about five trends that are must-have for every girl's closet. and the best thing about these trends is that they're all at accessible price points, and they really work for every girl's style. the first one is embellishment. we saw a lot of embellishment on all the runways, and it's something that every girl can work into her wardrobe -- whether it's a crystal-studded sweatshirt or even a mini-skirt or even jeans that have crystals on them. they're really easy to wear, and the key is to pairing it with something more simple -- maybe a t-shirt with the skirt or jeans, and just some skinny jeans with the sweatshirt. the next trend is puffer jackets, and this is something we all wear during the cold months. but the best thing is, is now they come in lighter weights and prints, and they work with any type of style -- whether you're a sporty girl and you like a neon solid co
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's about to hit the small screen. she's the cover girl of "vogue's" march issue. >> she looks beautiful. >> she tells the mag that making the movie was a therapeutic process and healed her in many ways. the march issue of "vogue" hits stands on february 20th nationwide. look at her, still got those moves. >> a phenomenal summer concert. >> that was just so -- >> way up. >> i know. >>> okay, guy, and the guy has done it again. the guy being ben affleck. he had another big weekend. for the actor/director. he continued his winning streak across the pond taking home two more awards, at the baftas. they're like the british equivalent of the oscars for his suspense-filled thriller, "argo." he won for best movie and best director, a category that he's been snubbed for. >> he's been on such a roll. >> where does he put all the awards? i mean, seriously. >> up, down, up, down, now he's on a roll. >> home stretch is here. >>> finally, a special treat for you. time for a little pop news pop in. our friend, mr. donald driver. >> get over here. >> come on in here. >> okay, hear that music. that musi
deal. his first home run of the spring. the giants tie the angels 8-8. vogue will song pitches four more strikeless innings and had 4 strikeouts.
, mergers and acquisitions are in vogue all of a sudden, so maybe somebody will come and do a little bottom fishing. > we will keep our eyes on it. thanks matt. > > thank you. that's a wrap for now. coming up tomorrow, traders unplugged takes on a "copper tone:" china now has enough copper to wrap around the world. the guys debate the best metals to own. from all of us at first business, thank you for watching.
platform. >>> plus, the night's best and worst dressed. and beyonce in red for vogue. we got it first.
am suck in a third dimension. >> to find out more we have one of the inventors, max vogue via skype from new york. how did you come up with this concept? why do we need to be able to 3d doodle. >> we have been working a lot of toy concepts the last few years and we have 3d printers ourselves and one day pete was playing around with his and thought of maybe taking the head off of it and put a little handle on it and ended up doodling with that and it worked terribly. but the basic idea was there, and we figured out very quickly if we cooled it as it was going along and did a whole bunch of little tricks we could actually draw in the air, and we loved it so much that we just kept on working on it and producing more prototypes and just slowly working through it until we reached something we thought was ready to actually come to market. >> is that eiffel tower behind you -- let's see that. >> hold on. >> this way. >> so great. >> yeah. >> what? >> you can do this thing in all sorts of different colors, too. >> yes, so one part of the eiffel tower you can see the section as a different c
of the union. she and mark appeared in "vogue "vogue" magazine. what do you think about the effort to push forward for a bipartisan bill on gun legislation? >> well, her work is a continuation of the work that she did as a state legislator and before that as a member of countless community boards and as a member of congress. and you may recall that when she gave her resignation speech by video to her constituents, she said, i will be back to do what i can do and she is back to continue her public service. i know that's how the congresswoman approaches everything she's done and it's just a continuation of that and one that she understands very deeply and personally as do i. >> congressman ron barber along with us here on msnbc as we watch a bittersweet award ceremony on the left-hand part of your screen here. again, six awards given to the families, representatives of victims of newtown as well as 12 others receiving the presidential citizens medal. what the president called the highest civilian honor of the government. again, ron barber, thank you. mark kelly will be one of the david grego
for america and just like that the l word the l word was back in vogue. now, though, the president's liberal vision and the progressive coalition that he built is facing its first real task. and it's the debate over the drone strikes. progressives are voicing concerns after the memo from the justice department was leaked. it spells out, the memo, the administration's case for killing americans accused of being al quada operatives. and attorney general eric holder didn't a whole lot of details yesterday. >> you know, some of these things are -- are fact based, and i can't necessarily get into the weeds or kind of parse these things. you can't exam these terms without having reference to the facts, and i'm not in a position in this environment in a classified environment i can get more specific. >> jennifer: and the lack of specificity has alarmed some on the left. including democratic senator ron wyden. >> the bottom line is the administration is essentially telling the congress the american people, just trust us and i just don't think that's the standard for oversight. >
is showing just how far she's come. giffords is featured in the new issue of "vogue" magazine, seen here in her tucson home holding hands and locking eyes with her husband, former astronaut, mark kelly. in the article, the couple talks about their push for gun control, one of the reasons they attended tuesday's state of the union address. >>> president obama's trip to south carolina left some of his supporters in a state of confusion. the president mentioned that he would stop at a nearby restaurant to get some barbecue on the way to the airport. crowds rushed to the restaurant to get a glimpse of him. but the motorcade went to the restaurant's other location. they have a souvenir to prove it, an order written by an air force one stationery. >> never pass up north carolina barbecue, no matter what. >>> it has been a season of upsets, of course, in men's college basketball. last night, number six, syracuse, lost to unranked uconn. as for the top two, highlights, now, from espn. >> welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. cameron indoor going crazy. 235th meeting all-time b
, not right out of the womb. >> reporter: well, close -- >> since he was 4, yeah, he hold "vogue" magazine at the time and i said that's enough for the little boy to read. he said, mom, that is going to be my future business. >> reporter: part of his appeal is that wang doesn't take it all so seriously. just look at his new ad featuring one of his favorite characters from mad tv. >> sit still! >> can you just get me the right size, please. >> then i have to go in the basement and they have like 300 shoes down there. this is going to work. >> is that part of connecting with your girl, too? >> i think to a certain extent why, why can't it? >> reporter: on the runway in new york, wang put on a show rivaling the collections in paris. clothes that fashion insiders say can hint at what is to come. are you practicing your french? >> i am practicing my french. i have my rosetta stone installed and ready to go. >> reporter: to all the critics who say he's too young and too commercial for an old fashion house -- >> it challenges me and, you know, hopefully they enjoy the collection. >> reporter: ali
baseball classic. looks like he's ready at this point. first inning marcogmsza skutero comes up. vogue yul yell song struck out four. to the 6th angel pagan. here it comes. there it goes. alow happen. three-run blast. they can't hold the lead. sergio romo gave up in the 9th. the giants end up this, is odd playing their third tie in a row finishing this game 8 sh 8. it's scoring eight runs. home runs by weeks and smith, weeks two for two play welling this sprichblgt smith two for tlee. how is this for impressive? men's golf team is boasting top golfers in the country. joel stalter takes over the top spot as a team. tournaments this season. remarkable. >> yes. yes. >> nice. >> thank you larry. >> join me tonight at 9:00 coming up here is a question. does beauty sell? how women feel about products endorsed by models and celebrities. >> then at 11:00 when crime hits, these neighbors took action. what they did to take back control. >> and tonight at 11:35 gordon ramsey and stanley tuchy. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for watching. from larry and spencer have a good e
.c. for two more weeks and commuted back and forth via bus. from gq, i went to teen vogue and elle. throughout my career, you know, i've done a lot of internships, and i think i strategically placed myself in a arena where i could take a editorial position, so, you know, i would just love to work for cosmo. [cheers and applause] - our third candidate, from kansas city, missouri, brenda clevenger. [cheers and applause] - hi, i'm brenda clevenger from kansas city. i've been an entrepreneur for 25 years. i went to college to become a journalist. my first job was at the jones store, writing fashion copy about men's underwear. i moved back to kansas city and delved into fashion and started blogging for midlife women, and have poured my heart and soul into that, and this would be a phenomenal extension. [cheers and applause] - next up, diandra barnwell from albuquerque, new mexico. [cheers and applause] - i'm diandra barnwell, and i'm from albuquerque, new mexico. i just recently graduated from the fashion institute of design and merchandising. i was fortunate enough, when i was younger, to grow up
was there once and my jaw was dropping. who will we see this year? >> we'll see "vogue" editor who was "the devil wears prada." and she'll be there in all her glory and she can make or break a fashion designer. grace, her corrective director and these are the people who really set the trend, probably in some way for what we're wearing right now and then the stars. kim kardashian, reese witherspo witherspoon, gwyneth paltrow and, of course, don't forget the designers themselves. calvin klein, rachel zoe, tory birch. seen and be seen. >> so, if you want to go, can you just go? >> unfortunately, you can't just go. you have to be a fashion insider, press having written for a magazine or be a designer in some way. randi, i'm sure you do. you can get hotel packages where you go and the hotels have relationship with the fashion house. >> all right. thank you very much. you look very fashionable today, i might add. nice to see you. >>> we could know as soon as tomorrow if the boy scouts will lift its ban on gay members. and now texas governor rick perry is getting into the debate. hear what he has to say
environment, seems to be the vogue. and you're advocating for at least more transparency. >> i think what we need is honesty. as long as we're telling all kid, yeah, you're doing well even if you're not, it causes a problem. i was in compton, california not too long ago and i was meeting with a mom, and she had an experience that i think was very interesting. she had an elementary school daughter who all through elementary school had gotten straight as. so she was proud of her daughter, thought she was doing really well. and then when it came time to go to middle school, she wanted her daughter to apply for one of the city wide magnet schools and the people said she doesn't qualify because she doesn't have the the kills and knowledge that she needs. and the mom said what do you mean? she's gotten all as. and they said, no, look at her skills assessment. and the mom was horrified. and felt betrayed because she said if my kid is not able to compete with other kids in the city or other kids in the nation, i should know that. she shouldn't be getting all a and lulling me into a sense of complace
in vogue. sergio romo got rid of the beard that brian wilson made popular. just going with a goy tee. he is cute no matter what. barry zito access cor rising with the -- access rising with a hat, simple. and the frequent with short hair, fake glasses. they are trying to prove they are not dumb jocks. maybe a little rachel maddow. they all look the same in uniform so i thought you deserved to look outside the lines before they reported to spring training on tuesday. there you have it. this abc7 sports report with a fashion update is brought to you by river rock casino. what do you think? >> i think they look good. >> tim had the long hair. he was like sampson who cuts his hair so hopefully better play. >> i like the clean cut look. >> everybody clean cut and different look and a little product in the hair. >> that does it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm ama dates. thank you for joining us. the news continues tomorrow the news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. there are two kinds of fol who sit around thinking about how to kill people--psychopaths and mystery writers. i'm the kind tha
in vogue. sergio romo got rid of thebrian beard that brian wilson made popular. just going with a goy tee. he is cute no matter what. barry zito access cor rising with the -- access rising with a hat, simple. and the frequent with short hair, fake glasses. they are trying to prove they are not dumb jocks. maybe a little rachel maddow. they all look the same in uniform so i thought you deserved to look outside the lines before they reported to spring training on tuesday. there you have it. this abc7 sports report with a fashion update is brought to you by river rock casino. what do you think? >> i think they look good. >> tim had the long hair. he was like sampson who cuts his hair so hopefully better play. >> i like the clean cut look. >> everybody clean cut and different look and a little product in the hair. >> that does it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm ama dates. thank you for joining us. the news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. >>> this morning on "world news now," destructive storms. more than a dozen tornadoes tear their way across the south. including one on main street in
and michelle first lady were in college at the same time. and it became really vogue for corporations to take on this diversity training business because it protected them in lawsuits in discrimination lawsuits. they could point to we don't have any systemic discrimination in fact, we have cultural sensitivity and diversity training. fast forward to 2007, bill and time magazine did a piece titled why diversity training doesn't work and talked about how this in fact gets people more recentful because the implication is, of course, the people training or doing the training attending the training are somehow biased or racist or don't like women in the workplace and when they are just trying to make a living. so it actually examined and said this doesn't even work. that is one point. number two, you raise the right point. the fact that the taxpayers have to subsidize any of this malarky is ridiculous. we are not college students being forced to sit into some women's study or native american studies seminar. we have a professor belly aching about past grievances. these are federal employees whose
to point out, though, that italian vogue recently devoted an entire issue to black models. it was really, really well received in the industry. it sold out, as a matter of fact. but it's just one example and i think when we see things like this, it is just a reminder that they tl needs to be more diversity on editorial pages and on the runways in new york, paris, malin, and london. >>> more than two million animals slaughtered to try to contain bird flu. whether it's the food that your family is eating, this is up in mexico, next. 's aches, fevers. and i relieve nasal congestion. overachiever. [ female announcer ] tylenol® cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion. nyquil® cold and flu doesn't. there's a lot i had to do... watch my diet. stay active. start insulin... today, i learned there's something i don't have to do anymore. my doctor said that with novolog® flexpen, i don't have to use a syringe and a vial or carry a cooler. flexpen® comes prefilled with fast-acting insulin used to help control high blood sugar when you eat. dial the exact dose. inject by pushing a
, the super bowl is really being seen as a referendum. how well can that work? will that be in vogue in the coming years, or is it the kind of thing where these guys, it's a gimmick. we'll see a little bit of that today. >> rachel nichols have a great time down there in new orleans. >> the boy scouts of america could decide to lift its ban on gaye members as soon as tomorrow. the group holds its executive meeting this week in texas, where officials may vote to allow whether to allow openly gaye scout leaders. rick perry of texas says there's no reason to change the ban. >> scouting is about teaching a substantial amount of life lessons, sexuality is not one of them. it never has been, does not need to be. >> he's a former eagle scout and spoke yesterday before a statewide boy scout meeting. what do you think? dropping a ban would be a huge change for the 105-year-old organization. we'll discuss the issues a little later in the program. >>> now back to our top story, a shooting at a texas gun range that left two men dead. one of them, a former navy s.e.a.l. joining us now a reporter w
like vogue and vanity fair. >> our job is to carry it because a bride could drive herself crazy looking at all the options out there. >> reporter: not just making editorial choices but making history as the first african-american editor in chief in conde nast history. >> there's historical note worthiness but she has the job because she has the talent and will to succeed. >> reporter: has it sunk in? >> has it sunk in? no, not really. the appointment is wonderful and worth celebrating. i still every day want to be the best editor that i can be. >> reporter: she didn't start out in publishing. the 40-year-old who called d.c. home graduated from howard university law school and spent four years in corporate law. she soon realized it wasn't for her and started to plan her exit. >> a year's worth of mortgage payments. i won't be able to eat but at least i won't be homeless. >> reporter: following a life-long passion for magazines, and taking an 85% pay cut. within two years, she was editor in chief, a title she would hold at two bigger publications before moving to "brides." what do you thi
. first black model on the cover of "time," french "vogue," british "vogue" and seen here on the cover of italian "vogue". >> we also built a reputation. sometimes being a little difficult to work with. >> my lateness was terrible. but i get there and i get the job done. so i never believed in giving an excuse. >> reporter: no excuses, no regrets. does it upset you that people still bring up -- >> not at all. >> reporter: the cell phone? >> not at all. i feel like i've grown from it. but it doesn't upset me. >> reporter: so much so, after 26 years in the modeling business, fabulous at 42, campbell is now taking on another role, star and executive producer of a new reality tv show. >> i don't want any fights amongst you. >> reporter: part "america's top model," part "the voice," "the face" pits campbell's team of aspiring models against two other teams, coached by
, cindy, let's see the new you. ♪ come on, vogue >> oh, nice. >> all right, kids. take off your blindfolds. >> oh. >> whoa! >> all right, cindy. you ready? >> oh, my gosh. >> you look great. absolutely great. >> you look great. >> that's not me. >> that's you. look right there. louis, tell us about the hair. >> cindy, you look so gorgeous. >> you look great. >> she had highlights that were too light for her face color. i made her hair just a slight more warm brown, and then brigitte gave her this great haircut. she looks fantastic. >> kids, dad, what do you think? >> looks gat. >> i love it. >> there it is. love that dress on her. show it. >> macy's is helping us on our american heart red with this dress. lauren by ralph lauren. and just a beautiful wrap dress. i know. great for valentine's night too when jim goes crazy. big applause for cindy. you can join your family. our second lady is sharon, who is 69 from seattle, washington. she told us that she spends so little time on herself that even her family has started yelling at her for it, so she jumped at the opportunity to come get pampe
city. one way of viewing the vogue for assault weapons is that those geographic distinctions have now become states of mind." >> you know, if we're talking about the shift in the nra's politics from a decade ago until now, there's also this really interesting shift in the kinds of guns people own and, therefore, what people expect the politics of gun ownership to look like. a decade ago we were still talking about an america where, you know, most of the guns sold were rifles, and you could still mrauzably say gun ownership is a hunting culture. in 2010 pistol -- in 2000 rifles are twice pistol sales, basically. in 2010 pistols past rifle. we're thawing did a gun culture that's primarily focused on self-defense. what's weird about that is it's a time that crime is declining pretty rapidly. >> when we talk about -- there is some -- i don't want to put sort of cultural differences at the root of this, but that is some part of that, and i thought actually chris wallace did an effective job of drawing that out from wayne law pierre yesterday when they were talking about the ad that the nra
college rigging that is now in vogue in certain republican-held state legislators to the voter idaho laws to even republican abuse of the senate filibuster. it's about consolidating power in the hands of the fractious few. >> how do they coincide that or square that with their efforts to get minority votes? you keep hearing republicans want latino votes, they want some african-american votes. >> exactly. >> at the same time they're publicly out there trying to suppress their vote. >> it underscores how disingenuous it is. on the one hand, we have to have minority outreach. on the other hand, it's a very concerted and multi-year effort to disenfranchise minority voters. it's principally because obama's electorate is broad and headquartered in urban areas and cities. and as such, republicans are trying to disenfranchise those kinds of voters. they are not winning those voters, and they know as their future as it is written in the policy they have embraced is not with those voters. so they'll do anything they can to manipulate the process to ensure that the rural white conservative voters ha
, but when you find them, they're the holy grail of investing. and those don't go in and out of vogue to stick with the fashion show analogy. all right. like i told you before, there's no such thing as the stock you can own forever. that's the essence of the kind of buy and hold thinking that lost so many people such huge sums of money over the years. but some winners are more lasting than others. and there is a certain kind of stock that can produce incredible multiyear gains. they can be owned longer than ordinary stocks. i'm talking about what is known as secular growth stocks. that is a rare breed that you should always be on the lookout for. these companies are driven by powerful long term stories that transcend the strength or weakness of the underlying economy. most companies need a healthy economy in order to thrive. we call that cyclical growth. but a true secular growth story can deliver fantastic numbers. the numbers so consistently that they keep powering the stock higher quarter after quarter regardless of the economic environment. i like to look for big picture themes. w
in a beautiful photo shoot alongside her husband in the march issue of "vogue" magazine. all that much more astounding when you consider the road she has traveled to get here. another incredible photo from this week, this is not dubai. it's boston. this is what a major american city looks like under two feet of of freshly fallen snow and turned entirely white. and a perfectly got excuse to use the second clip in two weeks from the same film, "love actually" has just been voted the film most likely to put you in a romantic mood, val gagz for romantics everywhere and for all of us who insistered for years that it's a great movie. finally, we at nbc were in the news this week because comcast is buying out ge's 49% stake in nbc universal. it will mean for the first time in 27 years we won't be owned in part or entirely by ge. while we will miss the employee discount on locomotives, power systems and mris, we nbc veterans see a huge opportunity here and there it is, atop rock center in midtown manhattan as part of this deal, comcast also buys ge's real estate and we took the liberty of putting t
any sense. >> "vogue" magazine has a piece of you and gab bay, poignant picture of that part of that piece if we can put it on the air is she up to this to be the face of gun control measures? how is she able to function, just in life, to say nothing of the rigors this? >> she struggles every day suffered a horrific injury two years ago a lot of energy, maybe not as much as before, but in a good mood, committed to of doing something. gabby sees we can't go with the status quo when we have 20 first graders die in their classrooms. she is up to doing. this we realize that this isn't going to -- i mean there are some things we can do immediately, like passing the universal background check, other things might take a little bit longer, she is committed to doing this. i told you i couldn't have you here without asking about the big news this he can works images over russia with this meteor, all the energy released and had 1,000 people injured. as people looked a this image of this streaking across the sky say nothing of the asteroid that came been 17,000 miles of the united states
new british "vogue." >> truth of the matter is we have all contributed to this image of kate middleton as caroline weber, author of a book on marie antoinette says we have created and celebrated a shallow idea of what a princess or woman should be. i don't think hillary mantell actually intended to offend kate middleton. listen to the last portion of her comments. she says it may be that the whole phenomenon of monarchy is irrational. that doesn't mean that when we look at it, we should behave as spectators at bedlam. we don't cut off the heads of royal ladies these days but we do sacrifice them. but it doesn't have to repeat itself. >>> still to come, olympic blade runner oscar pistorius gives his side of the story at a bail hearing today. why he says he shot his girlfriend. >>> plus, we're still following this breaking news story in kansas city. there has been a massive gas explosion, as you can see, right in the center of the city. you see the giant flames right now. we'll be right back. i'm doing my own sleep study. advil pm® or tylenol pm. the advil pm® guy is spending less time
, in an astonishing compendium of facts and figures in the brand-new british "vogue". >> the truth of the matter is we have all contributed to this image of kate middleton as caroline weber author of a back on marie antoinette said today the media construes kate's role in decorative and reproductive terms alone. there is a truth to the accusation that we have created and celebrated a shallow ideal of what a princess or a woman should be. and i don't think hillary mantell intended to offend kate middleton. listen to the last portion of her comments. she says, it may be that the whole phenomenon of monarchy is irrational, but that doesn't mean when we look at it we should behave like spectators at bedlam. we don't cut off the heads of royal ladies these days, but we do sacrifice them. but it doesn't have to repeat itself. still to come, olympic blade runner oscar pistorius gives his side of the story at a bail hearing today. why he says he shot his girlfriend. >>> plus, massive gas explosion tonight in kansas city. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a
. when cap-x, yes, cap-x comes back into vogue, and that's the long-tail trade that could last three to five years and will really continue to help the u.s. outperform. mr. santelli is exactly right on the europeans. they remain very reluctant owners of the u.s. stocks, don't want to be here, reluctantly trying to come back but already too late because their heels dug in so far on european stocks this year, and they are having a tough time digging out. >> brian, what's the trade then? you're bullish on this market. where do you want to be exposed to? i mean, for example, would you buy the banks here? >> well, that's a great question, maria. here's the answer. we think investors are doing themselves a great disservice just buying bank etfs. they should be buying individual bank stocks. don't like the money center banks here from our work principally because we think the commercial banks, the more domestically focused regional banks like u.s. bank and pnc and comerica and wells fargo are much better positioned than the big money center banks because we believe the specter of major over
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